The Market Revolution history homework help

Discuss America’s transportation revolution that took place during the first half of the 1800s, including the development of roads, canals, railroads, and steamboats. How did they contribute to the “market revolution?” Elaborate.

Now our formal lectures do not really get into this, as this is only an 8 week course, but I feel that this event was a turning point for our country….the War of 1812.


What are some of the reasons that we went to war with Great Britain once again?

( This was my thesis topic.. “The causes and consequences of the War of 1812”)

Just a few points here… in my research, I found at least 9 different reasons and you do not have to do that many, just take a couple and why…..because it really has to due with our second thread this week….Manifest Destiny.
QUESTION#2 Why did the Mexican War of 1846 take place? Was the war necessary? Was it a good thing? What does this war tell us about this period of American history? Was it God’s plan that the U.S. extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or were imperialists looking for a way to defend what they planned to do anyway? Elaborate.

The above question about the Mexican War is a little misleading, imperialism??…..but let’s run with it anyway. Why did the Mexican war take place and could it have been avoided?

I thought I would mention to all of you something that often occurs with doing a web based researched reference. Never…Never…just give me the web address as this tells the reader nothing from where you drew your material from. Instead try doing the following:

Authors name (if possible), then the title of the article you used, then the date it was posted (if it is there), then the web address and Finally….the date you accessed it.

This is the proper way to format a web reference and if you have any questions….email me.

Prof. K

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