review the meanings of some words English homework help

Case # 1

1. The strategy that resonates with me is, number nine:leverage every resource you can. When I hear a word I have not heard before, it will bug me until I look the meaning up. Because, when I hear it I think I know what it means, but sometimes I find out, it was not the definition I thought it meant. I specifically apply that step by, first looking it up on the internet. I use free dictionary, then I will go to my own dictionary. I use the American Heritage Dictionary. For the most part, the definitions are pretty similar; although sometimes you will find more in-depth meanings, using free dictionary on the internet.

2. I anticipate developing my language skills, by learning more words, by researching and reading more. The more new words I learn, the more my vocabulary will broaden. The more my vocabulary broadens, the conversations I have will broaden. Making it easier for me, to become on the same speaking level, as my interviewers and the career I want easier to obtain.

3. Improving your language skills, will make you more knowledgeable, so that you can understand your instructor or professor in school better. Therefore, making assignments more understood, so that you can attain good grades. In work, it will help you understand what your bosses are asking you to do. It will help with efficiency in job. Unless you really understand, what is being said or asked of you to do? You will constantly go through school or career asking yourself, did I do this right? Or, did I understand completely what was said or asked of me?

Case # 2

I would have to say out of the ten strategies used to help improve your vocabulary, I would have to go with the play and have fun strategy. I like to play games with my friends and family and therefore can add new vocabulary words into the mix. That even while I am also learning the new words, my friends and family will learn them as well. We have already started doing this by playing “Words with Friends” on our mobile devices. The more I use a new word the easier it becomes for me to say it in conversation and know what it means.

By broadening my vocabulary, I will be able to keep up with others who already have a higher vocabulary than I do. This will help me communicate more efficiently with my peers and understand what they are discussing. It will also help me be more confident in an interview if the interviewer sees me as being more than what I seem.

It is important to improve your language skills because without improving it, you will not be able to make sense or communicate your understanding of a subject if you have no idea what they are even saying. With an improved language skill, you will be able to interpret assignment questions more successfully, write well-structured assignments, and work productively with other students.

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