Nursing  Introduction to Leadership (Concepts and practice)

Imagine that you are a leadership consultant.1. Use your example of conflict in your professional practice (from the Conflict resolution assignment you did last week) and build on the readings, videos, and peer input you received. (See attachments)2. Critically analyze the situation and create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote collaboration among the group.3. Your plan should include 7 to 10 scholarly references, and be seven to eight pages long (page count does not include the cover or references list). Review your conflict scenario and include the following- Comprehension: Review the details of the conflict scenario, identifying the type and effects of the conflict.- Application: Relate course content on delegation, empowerment, group dynamics, and constructive group roles and behaviors to the identified conflict scenario.- Analysis/Synthesis: Clarify understanding of the internal and external variables contributing to the conflict. Create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote a high functioning health care team.- Evaluation: Summarize the value of effective conflict resolution skills for the nurse leader.FREE OF PLAGIARISMAPA STYLE 6th EDITION (Seven to eight pages long)7 to 10 scholarship references.

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