Nursing  cultural diversty

#1. cultural diversity discussion postVisit the following website (Links to an external site.).Share what you found while exploring this health care application.How can you utilize this application in your professional nursing practice?Your initial post must include a minimum of 300 words and include proper grammar, punctuation and reference(s).#2. Cultural diversity AssignmentInstructionsIn this course, you will be creating templates each week that will celebrate your growing awareness of cultural diversity.  The template is a collection of images, videos, and reflections all centered on the weekly theme found in your unit Learning Content.  The template is divided into portions representing different aspects of the humanities including dance, music, literature, art, and others that will create a text reflecting your awareness of cultural diversity.For the first unit, you will explore your unique contributions to cultural diversity.Download the Journey Begins with You TemplateFollow the template instructionsDemonstrate your understanding of key concepts from the weekly content by including analysis of specific evidence in your responses within the template.Use in-text citations and APA formatting for all source material references in your template.Upload the completed template to this assessment.The grading criteria for this assignment are outlined in the rubric below.Estimate time to complete: 3 hours#3. AssignmentInstructionsBook Review #4- “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”Chapters 13-19How did the structure of the American welfare system make it difficult for a refugee family to become independent from it?How may Martin Kilgore have adapted his technique to work in a more culturally sensitive way with the Lees?How did the author come to the realization that the Hmong were “differently ethical?”How did Francesca Farr successfully intervene with a patient who was not taking her medications for tuberculosis?How do you think reading Lia Lee’s story will affect your approach to working with patients of different cultures in the future?

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