Mourning booth questions English homework help


Assignment: Mourning Booth

  • Write a 200-word response, answering the following questions in paragraph form.
  • Include the questions in your answers.
  • Write your response directly in the message area of the dropbox.


1. How do situations like loss/life crisis make you feel? How do you normally deal with them?

2. How are you there for people that are mourning? How do you know when it is the right time to say something and when to be silent?

3. Have you ever seen the power of your presence in someone else’s life when they are going through pain? How did it make you feel?

4. What valley are you going through now, or have you gone through (something that no longer exist in your life as you now know it)?

5. Where do you go with those thoughts of pain? Who or what do you turn to for comfort?

6. How will you respond next time to someone who is going through pain?

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