Globalization Modernity and Society economics homework help

Base on the PDF files:

My first question is below:

After reading Chapter 5 by Redner (The Forces of Modernity) [by the way, I hope you are enjoying the Redner chapters so far. His book “Beyond Civilization: Society, Culture, and the Individual in the Age of Globalization” is very well respected], discuss your reaction to his treatment of industrial capitalism, the legal-rational state, and techno-science. Develop your discussion around how Redner’s work affects your view of globalization. Of the three factors he discusses, which one resonates most with you and provide a strong explanation as to why it resonates with you?

My second question is below:

Much is discussed in our two readings regarding the future of a society under the conditions of globalization. Particularly, I’d like for you all to focus on the issues of techno-science and a culture driven by what appears to be consumerism and address the question of what happens to human relationships, communication and interaction (what many define as central to social capital) under these joint conditions? I ask this question because prior readings have really emphasized that for globalization to achieve idealized goals, humanity must become increasingly connected.

Discuss also the liabilities of being increasingly socially connected by technology and increased rationalization. What are the implications of this for actual progress of societies?

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