discussion 233

This unit covers the analytical epidemiology methods used to measure associations between variables and outcomes. From a purely analytical perspective, statistical methods are useful in making health care, administrative and policy decisions. However, when personal perceptions and emotions are infused into the analysis, the value of analytical analysis becomes less powerful.

A frequently debated topic is the value of screening for diseases and conditions. The balance of a health screening policy is determined by measuring the direct and indirect costs of the test/examination with the number of lives saved or the years of life gained. For this discussion you are to support your position on screening for breast or prostate cancer before the age of 50. Your position must be supported by analytical evidence and other variables to persuade the readers to agree with your position.

You may need to perform additional research beyond your textbook. If you use outside resources, other than your textbook, to support your positions, please be sure to cite your source(s) and list the URL(s) as applicable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

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