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1. The four following security controls are extremely important:

  • Risk Assessment
    • Reviewing and understanding all risks that may effect a network is an important first step in understanding what must be done to protect a system (Betan, 2010).
  • Security Planning
    • Once risks have been outlined, careful planning of what security controls – policies, procedures, hardward, access controls, etc – will be implemented to mitigate those risks in some way must be completed.
  • Awareness & Training
    • People can’t help you protect what they don’t understand! I think even basic training in social engineering attacks would help the average user be a more aware user!
  • Incident Response
    • How an organization reacts to an incident can make the difference if they are able to bounce back or if they crumble under the disaster. Not only is business recovery important but also understanding and planning for the legal and financial reactions that come with incidents that result in data lose or customer confidentiality issues.

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While I think policies and processes are extremely important to security defense, I do not think they are a true safeguard because they rely on people to actually implement and follow said policies and processes. People are, in general, not a very reliable way to ensure total and complete security or policy adherence.

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Number 2. Security controls are used to help corporations to identify, counteract, and to remediate security risks that are in their business operations. These security controls are safeguards that corporations use to classify there to a security incident. For instance, physical controls are the primary essential for corporations to have in their operations. Most corporations use door locks, fences, and CCTV cameras. In fact, many top corporations use man traps, bollards, and biometrics to secure their physical areas to prevent unauthorized users from obtaining access (Northcutt, 2009). This is the first safeguard that every corporation should have to review any security risks that can harm the corporation’s physical security. Another control that a corporation should be focused on are technical controls. Technical controls focus on the access and use of sensitive data that employees can obtain from their technological devices. For instance, data encryption, network authentication, and file integrity protection are some of the technical controls that corporations should implement in order to remediate security risks that can harm corporation’s sensitive data. With these two controls, preventative controls must be in place to make sure that these security risks can be prevented or remediated from the corporation’s business operations. Risk mitigation techniques and audits can be used to prevent risks from harming the corporation (Zeltser, 2011). Lastly, administrative controls should be implemented in corporations to define the human factors in the security operations. This includes proper security awareness training, disaster preparedness, business continuity, separation of duties, and proper governance. With this control policies, guidelines, and regulations should implemented in the corporation to make sure that their employees comply with the corporations operations.


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3. 1. How would you define family?

2) Identify and explain Diana Baumrind’s four parenting styles. Which parenting style is most effective for raising children in today’s society?

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