can you help me with the programming of a functional calculator code please

Assignment Brief

You will be required to design, build and test a microcontroller based project. You will also be required to produce a technical report based on the project design, build and test. The project will be programmed using Assembly or Embedded C languages, whichever you are more confident writing. When choosing a project, you will need to consider the availability of hardware, the time you have available to you and your programming skills.

  • There are two inputs: Input A and Select in the figure. There are two functionalities provided to the user i.e. Counter up and Counter down.
  • There is one output in the system (i.e. result) which will vary according to the functionality selected by the user.
  •  The select input decides the function to be executed by the microcontroller on Input A HOW DO I WRITE A PROGRAMME IN C LANGUAGE FOR THIS?
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