analysis of algorithm

Queue is a basic data structure that holds a list of items and accesses them following

the first-in first-out (FIFO) policy. The ADT queue defines the following functions:

void enqueue(int item); // append a new item into

the queue

int dequeue(); // get the first item from the

queue, and delete it from the queue

int size(); // get the current number of iteams

inside the queue

int front(); // get the first iteam from the

queue without deleting it

bool isEmpty(); // return true if the queue is

empty, or return false

void print(); // display all items in the queue

from the beginning to the end on screen……

You need to implement all of the above functions in a defined queue class (prototype

is provided by the instructor). Please download three files (main.cpp, queue.cpp,

queue.h) from ecourses, and complete them using C++. You need to implement the

queue ADT functions in queue.cpp file, and test them in main.cpp.


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