an organizations story and change lessons

Change can be stressful, enlightening, dramatic or transformational, depending upon the circumstances. Locate a story about change in your professional field. (This link is a change story for Coca-Cola). Answer the following questions about the change:

  • Describe your professional field (supply chain management) in an introduction paragraph .
  • What was the change story?
  • Of the change lessons outlined in the Managing Organizational Change textbook, which of these lessons were present? Which ones were absent?
  • Was any of the information useful for facing future changes in which you might be involved? If so, how are the lessons were transferable? If not, why aren’t the lessons transferable?

The Checklist-to-Success for this assignment:

  • Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed in the Module 1 Materials folder, to thoroughly understand the expectations for this assignment.
  • Review proper essay form: Include an introduction, the body of text, and a conclusion.
  • Develop a 2-3 page essay (title and reference pages do not count in the 2-3 page requirement).
  • Support your major points with citations from course materials (attached) and outside sources. Describe your personal experiences, but support any analysis or interpretation with substantiation from credible sources. Minimum of three scholarly references other than the course textbook is required.
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