you will create a java application that is used to determine a pay check and display the net pay

Please use blue J IDE

This is your first object-oriented program, so we are very detailed with the requirements. In later programs, we will be leaving a lot of the design to you. You will create a Java application that is used to determine a pay check and display the net pay and its details on the screen.

PayCheck Class

fields: hourlyRate, hoursWorked, grossPay, netPay, federalTaxAmount, stateTaxAmount, FICAAmount, lastName, firstName constants: FEDERAL_TAX_RATE, STATE_TAX_RATE, FICA_RATE. It is up to you to choose the appropriate data type for each field.

no-args constructor which sets the numeric fields to 0 and the names to “unknown” and the tax constants to : 0.15, 0.09 and 0.07

a second constructor (overloaded) which allows the user to set the initial values of the fields (including the constants). Do not be concerned if the driver will not use this constructor.


setLastName( )

setFirstName ( )

setHourlyRate( ) – do data validation, do not accept any values less than 5 or greater than 100.

setHoursWorked( ) –do not accept any value less than 0 or greater than 80

If the values are out of range, do not change the field values from their current values. You will be marked off if you do not do this data validation.

get( ) methods for each of the fields (except the constants)

a toString( ) method that returns a textual representation of the state of the object. This method will be called in the Driver class from a print( ) statement.

Driver class:

This class will have no fields, only local variables in the main( ) method.

It will have the main( ) method only.

The main( ) method will create an instance of PayCheck class using the noargs constructor.

Then, in a loop:

Prompt the user for a last name, and first name.

Prompt the user to enter hours worked and hourly pay rate.

Call the appropriate set ( ) methods.

Use the toString( ) method of the PayCheck class to display:

Last Name, First Name, Gross Pay, Federal Tax, State Tax, FICA, Net Pay

Be sure to format the output with labels and two decimal places for dollar amounts. The output must be clear to the user of the program.

Loop until the user decides to not enter any more employee information.

If the code does not compile and run from main( ) a grade of zero is assigned.

For documentation (20 pts), use inline comments, implicit documentation, block comments and Javadoc comments about each method. The flowerbox for each class must include the name of the file, your name, the date and a description of what the class is used for.

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