Windshield Survey

Conduct a “Windshield Survey” in a section of  your community. Instructions for the survey can be found in Stanhope and  Lancaster (2016) on page 416, Table 18-6. As you notice, conducting a  Windshield Survey requires that you either walk around or drive around a  particular section of the community and take notes about what you  observe. A Windshield Survey cannot be conducted by reviewing websites  or Google Earth only. It requires actually taking a look at the selected  area of the community. This survey should be focused on the problem and  population you have selected for your practicum project. If you choose,  for example, obesity among Hispanic schoolchildren, you might want to  locate a section of the community where many Hispanic children live, or  you might want to conduct the Windshield Survey around where Hispanic  children attend school. If Hispanic children are not found in a specific  section of your community (e.g., Chinatown in San Francisco or Harlem  in New York), then you may select the section of the community where you  live or work but pay particular attention to your practicum population  and practicum problem as you conduct a survey of the community as viewed  through the eyes of the public health nurse.

By Day 7 of Week 3

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper including:

  • Introduction to the community, including the name of the community  and any interesting or historical facts you would like to add about  where you live
  • Photographs of the selected area of the community that serve as evidence of your observations and hypotheses
  • Windshield Survey findings, including a description of the section of your community that you chose to survey
  • Description of the Vulnerable Population and Available Resources
    • Demographics of the vulnerable population
    • What social determinants create their vulnerable status?
    • What community strengths exist to assist this population?
  • Conclusions based on Nursing Assessment of the Community
    • Based on what you have found, what conclusions can you draw about  your community and your selected population for your practicum?
  • Select at least 5 scholarly resources to support your assessment.  Websites may be included but the paper must include scholarly resources  in its development.
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