The Skeletal System

A. Read Chapter 3: The Skeletal System 

Text Book: Medical Terminology for Health Professions. Seventh edition. Author: Ann Ehrlich.

B. Answer Learning Exercises 

* Matching words parts 1, 2, and 3

* Definitions Pages

* Which is the Correct Medical Term,

C. Answer the following questions base in chapter 3:

1. What the skeletal system does? Mention, describe and explain its functions.

2. Bones come in many sizes and shapes, cite and illustrate the different types of bones, state examples.

3. There are two types of bones: compact and spongy. Mention and describe the principal characteristics of each type, also state their function and cell organization.

4. Mention the arrangement of the compact and spongy tissue in a long bone; also explain the parts of the long bones.

5. The skeleton is dividing into the axial and the appendicular skeleton. Mention and explain all the bones that are include only in the AXIAL SKELETON.

6. Mention and explain all the bones that are include only in the Appendicular SKELETON

DRead Chapter 4:

Text Book: Medical Terminology for Health Professions. 

EAnswer Learning Exercises

* Matching word parts 1, 2

* Definitions:

* Labeling Exercises

FAnswer the following questions base in chapter 4:

1. There are three types of Muscles: Skeletal, Smooth, and Skeletal. Mention, describe and cite the cellular appearance, location in the human body, anatomical description, and function of the each type of muscle.

2. State and illustrate the structure of the whole muscle, including layers of connective tissue and muscle attachments.

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