the price of health care


Prepare a recommendation to the Board of Directors about how to finance a health system for your region in the form of a 2 page executive summary.


Assignment for Medical Liaison Officers

  1. Review the Gitterman, Weiner, Domino, McKethan, and Enthoven article (2003, December), ” The Rise and Fall of a Kaiser Permanente Expansion Region,” from Milbank Quarterly, volume 81, issue 4, pages 569–578, 584–595.
  2. Read the Goodman, Fisher, Stukel, and Chang article (1997, July), ” The Distance to Community Medical Care and the Likelihood of Hospitalization: Is Closer Always Better? from American Journal of Public Health, volume 87, issue 7, pages 1144–1150.
  3. Based on these readings, make a judgment about the feasibility of planning and costing a regional health system. Do you think the Kaiser failure in North Carolina was a one-time occurrence? Do you think this failure could have been prevented?
  4. Write a 2 page executive summary that suggests a funding strategy for health care in your region. Take the distance from hospital-based physician care into account and suggest a better and less costly approach to offering such care in the region. Incorporate information from the two articles mentioned above (and other readings, if possible) into your analysis.


Create a 2 page executive summary in APA Format. Use the 2 assigned readings as sources and more if needed. Be sure to include in-text citations.

Your region is Charleston, West Virginia. There will be a link of the transcipt to analyze the views for the Board of Directors in the drop box file below.

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