The Beach Boys song writing homework help

I want to talk about The Beach Boys’ song – fun fun fun

This is a pretty bright and funny song. The tempo is fast from the beginning to the end. The instruments being used in this song include guitars and drums, I guess. And the timbre of the major singer is pure and light. All the elements make the song to be happy. This song sounds to have a variety of percussion instruments involved in the chorus part, in addition to guitar that plays an important role in its overall fluidity and aesthetic qualities. The song maintains a constantly fast tempo, with all words being spoken very quickly and lively. With regard of the lyrics, the song does not carry too much complicated meaning, but instead, it portrays some moments of a man’s ordinary life. I liked the part when it narrates the scenes vividly, such as “Well the girls can’t stand her, ‘Cause she walks looks and drives like an ace now”,

The lyrics mentioned “Well she got her daddy’s car… Seems she forgot all about the library…” in the beginning part of the song. In the end part of the song , it mentioned “…You shouldn’t have lied now you shouldn’t have lied”. I guessed this song narrated a story about that a girl made a small trick to her father and then her father discovered the facts. It was so fun. Let me recall the good times with my parents.

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