the african diaspora experience 1

-What do you think has been one of the effects of the derogatory images, stereotypes, and myths inherited from western History on persons of African ancestry?

-Each great region of the world the living mammals are closely related to the extent species of the same region it is therefore probable that Africa was formally inhabited by extinct apes closely allied to the gorilla and chimpanzee and as these two species are now man’s nearest allies it is somewhat more probable that our early progenitors lived on the African continent then elsewhere

-What evidence is there to support the out of Africa theory of the origins of humankind?

-What law was employed by Afrocentric scholars to show that man’s earliest ancestor was black?

-Write down the name of the Afrocentric scholar mentioned in the documentary whose research established that humankind originated in Africa and that the ancient Egyptian civilization was an African civilization

-What one connection exists within the African diaspora spaces around the world?

All the answers must come from the book (The African Diaspora Experience 4th Edition by Glenn O. Phillips)

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