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Decision Making in Business

Making decisions can be a tricky venture especially with many prospects available it is important for one to take enough time and avoid making hasty decisions. A decision should be well thought out and compare the finals decision with other options available to one’s choices. Alternatively, it is important to note that choices have consequences.

I previously worked as a manager in a manufacturing company where we would manufacture plastics and fabric materials for sale. The company grew tremendously and thus there was the need to supply our goods and services to other industries in the neighboring cities and the neighboring country. We were faced with a dilemma would we hire local transport, buy new vehicles or even purchase brand new vehicles. We had a meeting with the company directors and other top officials to discuss the appropriate direction to take keeping in mind that our company was still growing and we never had enough resources.

After several of meetings, I was able to convince my team that hiring trucks was the best option of the three. I explained to them that our tight budget could not allow us to buy a new truck. I also disagreed with the idea of purchasing an old automotive as it would likely spend so much money on maintenance and repairs. We finally agreed in unison that we would hire trunks for some time until we were in a position to purchase new trucks.For start-up companies like our business on a tight budget, leasing or contract hire arrangements may be the best option, as they allow you the use of high-quality trucks, in return for reasonably-priced monthly payments to a leasing company. This method is far cheaper than paying a large sum upfront to purchase a vehicle.


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