Please strictly follow the direction for this assignment and use the RUBRIC to complete as directed. A SAMPLE of a similarly used RUBRIC is attached for your understanding.Research Critique IntroductionI want to talk about the Research Statistical Critique assignment. You will choose one of the 4 (four) articles provided on this assignment page. Do not submit your own article. You must use one of the 4 linked articles in the assignment directions.You will use a rubric to critique the various parts of the study provided. It is your opinion. You should not use any quotes, or references unless you use an outside source to substantiate your opinion, such as Polit and Beck (2017). More information about the critique process can be found in Polit and Beck (2017), p. 291 if you want more information about it.Describe what you believe the findings are. For example, you would identify what sampling method is used- probability vs non-probability sampling. Then you would identify the specific type of sampling technique used.Fill in the rubric- this will be faster for you and faster for the faculty to grade the assignment. Be sure to check out the Critique FAQ for any questions students may have asked in the past.Quantitative Critique Rubric 2.6.2021.docx ATTACHEDArticle to Critique:-Klotzbaugh, R., Ballout, S., & Spencer, G. (2020). Results and implications from a gender minority health education module for advance practice nurses. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 32, 332-338.2020. Klotzbaugh et al. Results_and_implications_from_a_gender_minority..pdf ATTACHEDPlease note:Be sure to use a model such as Johns Hopkins Evidence Level and Quality GuideLinks to an external site. Links to an external site. ATTACHEDThis assignment will consist of a quantitative article critique with a focus on the methods, statistics, analysis and interpretation. It will be important to analyze and evaluate the article not just summarize – for example it is not enough to say the sample size was adequate.  You should state the sample size and state why you know it was adequate. Do NOT cut/paste from the article- this is YOUR interpretation and analysis of the article. If you use Polit or another source to substantiate your comment, then reference the source.  Do not include quotes in the critique.Write your critique directly into the rubric. Do not do it in paragraph form.

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