software engineering management 14

Very Important:

Please note that you are allowed to use any source including your text book, other books or publications, and the Internet to find the correct answers to the questions in the Final Exam. However, direct copying and pasting your answers from any sources is not acceptable, is considered plagiarism, and is against the university policy. Doing so will result in a grade of zero for this assignment. You should learn the materials and then submit your answers in your own wording rather than copying and pasting from other sources.


SHORT ESSAY: Write your answers in a separate document in Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and post it to the course online system by deadline.

Please note that the answer to each of these questions is hardly more than half a page. So your answers must be short and to the points. Writing too much and “irrelevant” to the question will cost you points. Also for each question you must add the source at the end of your answer (page number from the textbook or the URL from the Web).



1. [2.5 points]

Q: In your own words, describe “Basic Technology Constant”.



2. [2.5 points]

Q: Describe Brooks’ Law and provide additional information related to this law based using VIU library.


3. [2.5 points] Chapter 9

Q: Discuss how Brooks fifth cause listed below experienced today based on VIU library articles

“Firth, when schedule slippage is recognized, the natural (and tradition) response is to add manpower. Like dousing a fire with gasoline, this makes matters worse, much worse. More fire requires more gasoline and thus begins a regenerative cycle that ends in disaster” (Brooks, F.P, The Mystical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1975) s)


4. [2.5 points] Chapter 10

Q: Describe the 1980 Jensen Model (It was known as the “Seer” model) as mentioned in the text using VIU library and searching engine.


5. [2.5 points] Appendix A.5

Q: Describe the Larry Putnam’s Software Lifecycle Model (SLIM) as mentioned in the text using VIU library and searching engine.


6. [2.5 points] Appendix A, page 303

Q: “Most of the widely Most of the widely used estimating models from the 1980s (COCOMO embedded mode, PRICE-S, REVIC, Sage, Seer, SEER-SEM, and SLIM) use entropy values of approximately 1.2 for Department of Defense projects.”. Using Viu library and search engine compare those models.


7. [2.5 points] Chapter 17

Q: “How Effectiveness formula “in its generic form can be applied to any organization in any industry?”


8. [2.5 points] Chapter 14

Q: Software Growth Calculation. Consider a preliminary software development estimate for a Mission Planning system that contains 27,537 source lines of new code, a modification of 29,000 source lines from the existing system, and a reuse of the remaining 66,055 source lines of the existing system. The system complexity D = 14. The estimate is being made at the contract award for the development. What is the mean and maximum projected size of the software development?


9. [2.5 points] Chapter 16

Q: Consider the software system I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. We are considering the retention effort for an existing complex software system that contains approximately 2,000,000 lines of source code. The system has been operational for nearly 12 years with reliable operation. Our organization has been awarded a contract to maintain this system for the next decade. How many people do we need to assign to the maintenance of the system? Calculate

  • The enhancement effort component (PM per year), E1
  • The enhancement effort (PM per year), E2
  • The steady-state maintenance effort per year, Em


10. [2.5 points] Chapter 17

Q: Describe “People-Process-Project Triad” in your words. Rationale and give real examples.


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