resource management 3

The warehouse manager asked you to create a presentation for his staff. The presentation will discuss various aspects of inventory control and will include a sample inventory list as a comprehensive chart that lists all of the company’s internal resources: equipment, machines, technology, furniture, office supplies, and so forth.

Considering the company, its services, and its products and using what you learned in the game module, create a PowerPoint presentation that will address all internal resources of the organization and address the following:

  • Explain the “make to order” process
  • Quality considerations in the production process
  • Supplier deals and supplier quality, reliability, cost, and lead times
  • Raw material purchasing strategies
  • Explain the roles and uses of inventory
  • Explain techniques for effective inventory management
  • Explain the elements of lean and “just-in-time” approaches to supply chain management.
  • Create an inventory based on departments, units, and teams in a table providing elements of relevant categories (e.g., departments, materials, technology, office equipment, vendors, time line, cost, restocking dates, resource locations) using the inventory list template link below.
  • Inventory list template: Should be similar to this example.…

Use the following format:

  • 8–10 slides
  • Eye-catching graphics, clip art, charts, and models
  • A minimum of 100–200 words of speaker’s notes per slide
  • APA, 6th edition format for all citations and references
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