research paper 175

100% orginal work, otherwise will be withdraw.

Company name : Walt Disney

Single spaced, size 12pt Times New Roman font, 1800 words around (not include two tables)

1. Situational Analysis (SFAS table only,see attached as an example)

Select the most important opportunities/threats from EFAS (external factor anaylysis) and most important strengths/weaknesses from IFAS (internal factor analysis)

• At least 2 from each, totaling 8

• Keep rating scales the same in EFAS, IFAS, and SFAS

2.Review of Missions and Objectives (350 words)

Made before alternative strategies can be generated

• SFAS Table tells you what you should focus on

• Review the Mission and Objectives to make sure the focuses align

• If not, reassess your weights to make sure they are correct

• Should the mission and objectives be changed?

• Refer back to your Business Strategy, are your strategies in alignment with lowcost/differentiation?

3. CEO profile (350 words)

What is the CEO’s background/characteristics?

• What is their leadership/management style?

• Do they own a large share of stock?

• What are their compensation plans?

4. Core Competencies (250-300 words)

What is the company’s core competencies?

• Core Competencies • Collection of competencies that cross divisional boundaries, widespread within the corporation, something that the corporation can do exceedingly well

5. VRIO Analysis (250-300 words)

• Create a table similar to the one below (please see attached as an example)

• Mark yes or no

• Describe rationale for yes or no

Explain and related to Core competencies

6. Business Model (350 words)

How this company make money?

What is the company’s business model?

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