research design and setting

There is a particular article to back up this research question.

1. Research the importance of the topic and write an introduction that includes these main points:
· Relevant background information from a credible source to explain the importance of your topic
· A purpose statement (“The purpose of this paper is…”).

This is the topicAre adults who perform 30 minutes daily exercise regimen compared with those without exercise regimen make a difference in reducing the potential risk of a heart attack?  Interest in physical activity after a heart attack

2. Write a study synopsis that includes these main points:
· research design and setting
· sample: sampling method; number of subjects; inclusion/exclusion criteria; attrition, loss to follow up, or response rate (if any); and important characteristics of the sample
· how the study was conducted (explain how the data was collected—including measurement instruments–and, if the study involves an intervention, how the intervention was carried out)
3. Appraise the article in narrative format by answering the following questions.
· What is known and not known about the topic? What gap in knowledge does this study address?
· Was the sampling method appropriate for this study? Why or why not?
o If inclusion and exclusion criteria were noted in the report, did the criteria control for extraneous variables? Why or why not?
· Were the measurement instruments reliable and valid? Why or why not?
o If the study was experimental, was the intervention performed consistently? Why or why not?
· Were the conclusions of the study supported by the results? Why or why not?
· Were the study limitations identified and explained? If so, was the explanation sufficient? Why or why not?
4. Write a conclusion that states the nursing implications based on the findings of the study, taking statistical significance into account. (DO NOT just list the implications to nursing from the article; provide your analysis.)
Submit your article in pdf format and your appraisal and synopsis in Word format.

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