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Respond to the post below in an Academic manner using APA formating.

I was able to locate an article by Cook, Kang, Braga, et al. (2015) that was interested in the issue of reducing the recidivism rate of adult males that were released from prison that were placed in two groups. The control group was released with no services in place, while the other group had started to receive wrap around services before they were released with those services continuing after their release. The second group was also given some job related training and any employer that hired them would receive a subsidy to encourage them to keep the individual employed.

Crime in any community affects everyone in that community. Researching how to reduce the recidivism rate in a community would allow an already overburdened criminal justice system to improve the quality of living for the entire community. It does so by reducing the cost involved in the justice system. It can also change the situation of those that have chosen to make a positive contribution to their community instead of continuing to exhibit criminal behaviors. They can become an asset to their community instead of a drain on it. This particular study took into consideration the idea of how getting in place appropriate services for individuals that have a history of criminal behaviors and increased job opportunities will affect the persons likely of reoffending.

Using the Y=f(X) + E and how it applies to this study is fairly straight forward. Y is the dependent variable (Dietz & Kalof, 2009), which would be the recidivism rate of adult males that are released from prison. X is the independent variable (Dietz & Kalof, 2009), which would be the programs wrap around services that the individuals are receiving along with the employment training and subsidies’ that are being offered to employers who hire the individuals after their release from prison. The recidivism rate is compared to each of the two groups to identify if there is any difference between the groups rate of reoffending.

There were a couple of issues that may be something to consider as being negative or wrong. There males that were involved in the study had many differences. There was an assortment of different types of criminal offenses that the individuals had committed and these were not separated in the study. There were individual with gang affiliations in their history along with others that had no gang affiliations. Also, this study only included males. No females were in the study and gender may have an impact on how this type of program would affect them when compared to only males.

The idea of errors in the study would be reflected in the same issues. The types of crimes that people commit could have an impact on how the person reacts to the program. Where the individuals are living after they are released from prison would also have an effect on them. If the services that they are receiving do not allow them to have a stable location to reside or they are living where they were before they were incarcerated and having contact with individuals they did before their incarceration it would definitely affect them. Personal situations and relationships or affiliations from their past would also be something to consider. There are many factors that could affect each individual in the study and there is no way to eliminate all of them.


Cook, P. J., Kang, S., Braga, A. A., Ludwig, J., & O’Brien, M. E. (2015). An Experimental Evaluation of a Comprehensive Employment­ Oriented Prisoner Re-entry Program. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 31(3), 355­382. doi: 10.1007/s10940­014­9242­5

Dietz, T. & Kalof, L. (2009). Introduction to Social Statistics: The Logic of Statistical Reasoning (1st ed.). Chapter 1, “An Introduction to Qualitative Analsys” (pp. 1-31). John Wiley & Sons – Books, Copyright Clearance Center. Retrieved February 28, 2017 from:…

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