racial and ethnic inequality 1

In attempts to address racial segregation, the city of Boston implemented a system of busing students in Boston Public Schools. Though as of 2013 the racial desegregation policy has ceased claiming that the previous policy was successful and therefore is no longer needed as the majority of those in public schools come from minority groups: 35% African-Americans, 41% Hispanic-Americans, 13% Anglo-Americans, 9% Asian-American and 2% other races (Boston Public School Systems at a Glance, BPS Communication Office, April 2014).

  • Do you agree or disagree with this current approach that busing students is no longer needed to address racial imbalance in public schools? Name at least one way that ceasing busing will benefit attempts at racial integration. Also, give at least one idea of a negative outcome that could occur if busing ceases.

400 words min. references and citations required and no plagiarism.

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