psychology assignments 2

Learning Activity #4: Conditioning Paper

  • Read Chapter 6 of your textbook.
  • Write a two to three-page double spaced paper (500-700 words). Note that this paper is worth 60 points and all other papers in the course are 50 points (except for the term paper). It is longer and involves difficult material.
  • Address the following:
  • Explain the difference between classical and operant conditioning.
  • Discuss the foundational research of classical and operant conditioning, including the early researchers.
  • Define and discuss (can be within an example): NS, CR, UCR, CS in classical conditioning
  • Define and discuss (can be within an example): Reinforcement, Punishment, Generalization, Discrimination
  • Use the APA 6th edition Template located in your course documents on the course home page. Cite your textbook in your references list, along with any other source you refer to in your paper.

Learning Activity #5: Lifespan Paper

-In a two to three-page double spaced paper (500-750 words), discuss the following:

  • Prenatal development in terms of biological growth
  • Newborn Reflexes
  • Piaget’s theory of development (highlighting accommodation and assimilation
  • Kohlberg’s theory of moral development in adolescence
  • Biological growth of the adolescent brain
  • Write a final reflective paragraph about your current stage of development and what new information you gained about it from the textbook reading. Feel free to discuss your personal triumphs and struggles at this stage of life.
  • Use the APA 6th edition template located under course documents on the course homepage and consult the Paper Writing rubric in your syllabus.


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