professional nursing organization.

Re: Topic 5 DQ 1The professional organization plays a vital role in nursing as it provides endlessly educational opportunities to nurses, which helps provide a maximum level of quality care to the patient. According to American Nursing Association (ANA), “Professional development is a lifelong learning for nurses to engage in developing and maintaining competence to achieve goals and enhance professional nursing practice” (Gaines, 2019). The nursing organization helps nurses be up to date in advanced and innovative patient care.There are various pros and cons to joining the organization. With several different organizations, it even becomes harder which to join. As, an ANA member, I get updated about new nursing policies and procedures as ANA is one of the oldest and perceptible nursing organizations. It promotes the rights of nurses in the workplace. (Gaines, 2019). They sent every month brochure that gives information about nursing, new articles, and can get in touch with recent nursing trends. It covers the board’s scope of practice in nursing. I do not see any cons about ANA except to be a member of ANA; you have to pay a reasonable monthly maintenance fee.Advocacy means getting support from another person, which helps express views and wishes and helps you stand up for your rights. ANA has declared 2018 as a year of advocacy. It helps bring changes in bedside care, and nurses will contribute to care professionals in every setting. ANA defines nursing as advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations. Issues of advocacy can be related to environmental, human trafficking, emerging infectious disease. ANA helps implement safe nursing staff policies and reduce workplace violence incidents, allowing nurses to work effectively. Nurses also serve as a state legislature bringing their leadership and communication skills in taking care of the patient (Haebler, 2018).Nursing organizations like ANA will help nurses identify opportunities to advocate for every patient under the health care system. Nurses have an ethical responsibility to support patients and have broader advocacy issues as nursing professionals. Every nurse should belong to a professional organization like ANA, which will build knowledge and involve a thoughtful discussion that will make you good decision-makers. This way, you can make changes and advance the profession. (Post University, 2019)References:Gaines, K. (2019, October 11). You should join a nursing organization. Here’s why., J. (2018, January 11). Advocacy at the bedside and beyond. American Nurse. University. (2019, September 3). Every nurse should belong to professional organizations. The Sentinel Watch. to the above student’s post by supporting the post using 200 to 300 words APA format with references to the response.

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