post natal care for mothers

For you third essay, you will need to use research concepts and methods. You will have freedom of choice for your topic. You will need to argue for or against something in the nursing or medical field. Do we need better mental health care for patients? Do we need better post-natal care for mothers? Do we need different types of restraint for hostile patients? Is there a current issue in the medical field when it comes to patient care that nurses could resolve? These are just some examples to get you thinking about your topic. This paper will need to be at least 900 words, and you will have to use at least three sources to back up your argument.Requirements:APA formattingcover pageabstractTimes New Roman, 12 point fontdouble spacingreference page with at least three sources in APA formattingat least 900 wordsoriginal work, NO PLAGIARISMsubject to late work policysubmit through Canvas, no emails or Google drive sharesPreviousNext

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