please tell us what you value most about columbia and why 300 words or less

It is an admission essay for Columbia University. I was college student in Turkey and I am applying to Northwestern as a transfer student for sociology major. I was studying law in Turkey(Law is undergraduate study there) and I have also done advanced mathematics studies in middle and high school. With those experiences, I would be successfull especially in quantitative studies of sociology. I intend to attend law school after college. I also know French at intermediate level.

I need you to do a research a bit about Columbia and write both in terms of academics or values and atmosphere. There is word limit of 300 but you can write up to 350. I will handle the redundancy. You can have a look at the mission statement of the university, mention the diversity and respect etc. Also, looking for some undergraduate research or intern oppurtunities might be good. And you may refer to one or two professor that expertise in my interest areas.

Please do not write the essay full of things that applies to all good colleges. For example “This college is best, it has many oppurtunities, I can attend many activities there.” I do not want like this.

Please be more spesific, relate some points about me, the things I wrote up there.

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