Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  100 words.DeactivatedShasta Stocker1 postsRe:Topic 3 DQ 11.      Respect for autonomy − A principle that requires respect for the decision-making capacities of autonomous persons.2.      Nonmaleficence − A principle requiring that people not cause harm to others.3.      Beneficence − A group of principles requiring that people prevent harm, provide benefits, and balance benefits against risks and costs.4.      Justice − A group of principles requiring fair distribution of benefits, risks and costs.Fist autonomy: Only if the person has the mentality/capable to make informed decisions themselves. I do not necessarily like the decisions people make but it’s their right.Second beneficence: This principle is important. We as nurses/people need to prevent harm, which is our job as nurses, provide benefits, and balance the benefits against risk and costs. This is super important in healthcare. I think this principle could almost sum up what healthcare should be about.  However, I still think patients have the right to decision what they want.Third Justice: Everyone deserves to be treated fairly.Fourth nonmaleficence: everyone deserves not to be harmed. People put their trust into us and we need to respect it and do what we can.Really all these principles go together. I don’t think I could just look at one without considering the others.Christian biblical narrative:Creation, fall, redemption, restoration.I think in the Christian world beneficence would be ranked the most important. It is a group of principles that prevents harm and does what is best for humans. For Christian God is living through them to help people, not harm them and to give them the strength to show people the way.{dqCommentIdValue}

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