Oedipus Rex english questions help

  1. How does Creon get Oedipus to give him a chance to speak? lines 635-650
  2. What argument does Creon use to try to convince Oedipus he is innocent?lines 679-725
  3. How does Oedipus rebut Creon’s argument?.line 725-745
  4. Why does Oedipus finally decide to back off?lines745-783
  5. What does Jocaste say to Oedipus to try to get him to stop worrying about prophecies?.lines 795-844
  6. What details Jocasta’s speech does Oedipus worry about? Why does it upset him so much?lines845-963
  7. What details pf Jocasta’s speech offers the only hope that this interpretation isn’t true?.lines963-979 from The Norton Anthology Western Literature
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