Please write an essay for my final class project. Subject ” NUTRITION AND OBESITY IN THE POPULATION”. Present the selected problem and identify the population group chosen for the project ” NUTRITION AND OBESITY IN THE POPULATION”. Submit an analysis of priorities for health prevention and disease prevention according to “Healthy People 2020”. Add examples of preventive health programsIt must be something perfectly well prepared and with all the requirements that are needed.The content should be presented in a logical and organized manner, reflecting evidence of the development of a written policy for the provision of health services, including criteria established to provide successful preventive services.The project may include:1-  Objectives2- Introduction3- Problem4- Population identification5- Project question6- Description of the proposed solution7- Literature supporting the project8- Implementation of the plan (step by step)9- Theory of change to be used10- Plan11- Practical recommendations12- Conclusions13-  References.This project has a value of 100 points (40%) and will be evaluated using the rubric included in the module. Upload here for evaluationWrite it in APA style 7 and avoid, avoid plagiarism by submitting your work to SafeAssign. No less than 10 pages

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