managing entreprise data 4


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To complete the assignment, you’ll find a data set and then create an infographic highlighting at least 5 main points of the data. Don’t forget to check the Weeks 3 and 4 and Weeks 5 and 6 assignments for resources about infographics.

You can create your infographic on any topic (PG-13 or safer, please 😉 – it doesn’t even have to relate to IT. As with last time, please make sure your underlying data is valid – there are a lot of urban legends out there and some pretty unscientific “facts”, too. It’s worth your while to check out these articles, both of which include an infographic:… (it has a science focus but is generally applicable)…

If you’re unsure about whether it’s a valid topic or good data for an infographic, feel free to call out in the Ask the Professor board. It’s handy if you can link to the data when doing so.

What You Submit to the Weeks 8 and 9 Discussion Board – Infographic Thread

1. Either a misleading/mischievous OR an honest/accurate infographic YOU CREATED (or a link to its location, accessible to the class), covering at least 5 data points.

2. Approximately 100 words (you can go longer) blurb on 1) why you chose the topic (i.e. why you think it needed an infographic), 2) why you chose the data points you did, and 3) why you chose to create either the misleading or the honest infographic – what made you pick the type you did?

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