Leadership Book Presentation

Throughout this course, you have been reading a leadership book you chose from the book list provided in Workshop One.  After reviewing both PowerPoint presentations introduced in Workshop Four, you will create a slide presentation.  This presentation will summarize the leadership principles you gained from your chosen book and apply those principles to effective nurse leadership.Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:Summarize leadership principles and practices from a selected leadership book.ResourcesFile: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation.pptxFile: Citing and Referencing Presentations.pptxInstructionsView the presentation: Creating a PowerPoint Presentation.View the presentation: Citing and Referencing Presentations.Choose a professional background design using the PowerPoint program that is part of Microsoft Office.Create a presentation of 12 slides that include the following:Title slide: Title of Presentation, Your Name, Course Number/Name, DateContent slides: These 10 slides will summarize five leadership principles you gained from your leadership book and comprehensively apply each principle to a specific situation in the healthcare environment in which a nurse manager could apply the identified principle.Reference slide with the correct APA reference of your chosen leadership bookCreative and appropriate use of clip art or images is required.Use correct citations within the slide presentation for both content and images.

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