in your own words list and explain key differences which distinguish cybercrime from cyberterrorism

Please read the instructions bellow. Provide 250+, original, well written context. The textbook is: Private Security Today, ISBN-13 9780133377156

QUESTION: In your own words, list and explain the key differences which distinguish cybercrime from cyberterrorism? Support your answer response with information found in the text as well as external sources.

Answers will vary however they should contain information relating to Cybercrime involves criminal activity carried out via the Internet, such as cyber fraud and identity theft, downloading illegal music files, and online bank theft. Cybercrime includes many nonmonetary offenses, like distributing destructive worms and viruses. Cyberterrorism is the use of the Internet for terrorist activities, including large-scale acts of deliberate disruption of computer networks. Terrorist organizations can launch cyberattacks against government networks and critical infrastructure, as well as electric grids.

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