follow up discussion

Follow up discussion please one paragraph using same resource 2 citation and reference add information or comment on the following postA systemic review of literature is a structured and well-guided search for available literature that have been reviewed, free of bias, and can be recommended for practice. (Houser, 2016).  According to Houser (2016), conducting a systematic review that results in an evidence-based practice guideline requires the ability to develop research questions methodically, write inclusion criteria, conduct in-depth literature searches, and review the results of many studies critically (p.10). It is therefore important for a nurse to be well knowledgeable about ways to identify and review articles that are evidence-based and can be safely implemented during patient care. Below are some of the importance of systemic review literature stated by Boren and Moxley (2015)It prevents personal options and bias that may result in patient harmA reviewed literature provides the opportunity for continuous study and improvement.A systematic review draws upon the best health services research principles and methods to address specific medical issues.Gives researchers the opportunity to examine current practicesHelps with the development of guidelines for practice and work-related policiesReferencesBoren, S. A., & Moxley, D. (2015). Systematically Reviewing the Literature: Building the Evidence for Health Care Quality. Missouri Medicine, 112(1), 58–62.Houser, J. (2016). Nursing research: Reading, using and creating Evidence. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from

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