follow up discussion

one pargraph follow up post answering to add information and comment on the above post with one reference and citationCommunication is the essence of any effective relationship building because it provides us a way to convey thoughts and feelings with another person(s). My personal communication style is assertive, which encompasses open communication and not being overbearing.  I have a clear understanding of my opinions and feelings and actively address needs and wants clearly to my friends and family. Assertive communicators use “I” statements, good eye contact, not allow others to abuse or manipulate them, and confidence in themselves.(“The Four Basic Styles of Communication”, 2018)  I would say my communication style in the professional setting is also a more assertive style. Although the styles are the same they differ in how you would apply in a professional setting such as; maintaining a relaxed posture in work, communicate respect for others, and this allows for me to feel connected to others(“The Four Basic Styles of Communication”, 2018). Also, this pattern allows for maturity to occur through addressing issues and problems as they arise. A major similarity between using assertive communication in both a professional and personal aspect is that the belief ” We are equally entitled to express ourselves respectfully to one another.” rings true through both forms.The Four Basic Styles of Communication. (2018). Retrieved 22 March 2021, from

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