final presentation 2

This assignment is built on the Service Learning Assignment where you will be required to present to a group of peers about your experiences at your service learning placement. The presentation can be a PowerPoint Presentation (4-5 slides + talking points) or a Word Document (1 – 2 pages) detailing what you observed at your placement and how it connects with the class material, readings, discussions and activities. The Final Presentation will be held in week 10 and you will only be required to attend ONE of the days. The groups and days will be announced closer to the due date. The PowerPoint Presentation or Word Document must be submitted on Canvas as well to gain full credit. (My service learning Assignment is done in the organization named YMCA, I volunteered at the Kids Corner there every Tuesday afternoon. People there are all very nice. The supervisor there named Giovana. There are some kids there when their parents are busy taking courses there or in the gym. I am there to look after them and play with them. And I will read some books for them or play some safe game or just talk with them. It made me very happy there) The focus of the course is on understanding the biological child in family, community, cultural, political, and economic contexts. This, in turn, informs the creation and ongoing evaluation of programs, policy, and advocacy in such areas as parenting and family support, mental and physical health, child protection, early learning and care, poverty, and other risk factors. Here are some readings………

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