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Please provide feedback in 200 words,12 font times roman,. Please provide thoughtful and engaging feedback to the following :In the article “Robot Ethics”, the author evaluates how humanity’s future could be dependent on AI. The author questions whether or not the need for robots is really needed for daily life. There are autonomous robots already being used extensively in car manufacturing and production performing the various duties humans previously did. The tasks they perform rather simple in comparison to the tasks that programmers are trying to have them do. According to the author, there is some cause for concern if robots can actually make logical and ethical decisions when faced with a pressing matter. As stated by the author in the article, “Should a driver-less car swerve to avoid a pedestrian if that means risking a collision with oncoming traffic or risking injuring or even killing its occupants?” Human intervention could possibly aid with this issue, but might not work for all instances. Robots that will be placed in combat situations won’t be able to suffer the inconveniences that human soldiers may experience like the massive amounts of stress they endure. Robots also wouldn’t fall victim to fatigue, which means that these robots can always stay on the move away from enemy detection. Aside from military operations, robots operating in civilian areas must be under someone’s responsibility in case of total failure. Laws would have to be passed to make sure someone is responsible for the robot’s actions. As the author stated in their conclusion, “The sooner of moral agency they raise are answered, the easier will be for mankind to enjoy the benefits they will undoubtedly bring.”

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