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acute bronchitis and pneumonia share many of the same symptoms, and some people with acute bronchitis are at risk for getting pneumonia. Acute bronchitis usually goes away within a few weeks, whereas pneumonia can be a serious condition, especially in older adults (Difference, 2016). Some of the symptoms a 55 year old may present with are: a dry cough at first, meaning it does not produce mucus. After a few days, cough may bring up mucus from the lungs. The mucus may be clear, yellow, or green, and may be tinged with blood. In pneumonia, a patient of 55 years of age may have a cough that brings up mucus from the lungs. The mucus may be rusty or green or tinged with blood. The patient with bronchitis will either not have a fever or low grade. Also, the diagnostic imaging would be clear and these symptoms would go away within 2 to 3 weeks. The patient with pneumonia will have a fever greater than 101.0, chills and shakes, would present tachycardia, tachypnea. The x-ray would not be clear and the symptoms would last longer than 2-3 weeks (Difference, 2016).

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