essay about culture food in united state of america

his is the first assignment. It is an essay about culture food in united state. You have to choose one of these topics and write about it

a. Immigrants eat food to maintain their culture in America.

b. Immigrants eat food to assimilate into the American culture in order to fit in, forgetting their original culture.


c. Immigrants form a hybrid food culture that have become “almost” American or choose when to eat foods from their traditional culture or foods deemed as acceptable in America.

Also, There is an attached below that helps you to understand all details.

Also this some points that I want you to follow them.

1/ two pages with intro, 3 bodys , and conclusion.

2/ intro, and three points

3/ Three supporting details.

4/ please Use vocabularies words, and avoide plagiarism.

5/ remember that I’m international student, so don’t use complicate words , I mean use words that show I’m not American student .

Also I’ve wrote the intro so you can fix it as you can.

Thank you,

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