enviromental science 6

There is no minimum word count for the following questions but references are needed:

1.Describe the carrying capacity of a species in a given environment. What happens to that population of organisms if the resource availability in the environment suddenly drops?

2.Name four abiotic and four biotic biosphere components in your current environment.

3.Thoroughly describe the electron movement in a single covalent bond.

4.What does it mean to say that energy flows through an ecosystem while nutrients are cycled within an ecosystem?

5.How are humans altering the global carbon cycle? Why is the alteration of the carbon cycle in this way a concern?

6.What are the differences between microevolution and macroevolution?

7.Fully describe competition in an ecological context. Give an example.

8.Fully describe exploitation in an ecological context. Give an example.

9.What is coevolution? Give an example seen in nature

10.What is a keystone species? How does its removal affect a community?

11.Why is all of the energy in one trophic level not available to the organisms in the trophic level above it?

12.What are the main differences between primary and secondary succession?

13.In what ways does the position of the Earth relative to the sun change over the course of a year?

14.Describe the major differences between temperate and tropical forests.

15.If you had to pick only one, on which biome do you think would be the most important to focus conservation efforts? Fully explain your answer.

16.In what ways do capitalistic and centrally planned economic societies affect the environment compared to subsistence economic societies?

17.How can consumer choices of more environmentally responsible products make companies change their practices?

18.What two factors greatly affect the overall resource use by humans?

19.Describe the ecological footprint of a person? What does population growth and population density tell you about the overall effect that a population will have on the planet once you know their average ecological footprint?

20.How might developed countries decrease per capita resource use?

21.Describe three farming techniques that are sustainable.

22.Why does it take so much more energy to raise meat than it does to raise plants for food?

23.Why does buying local produce move agriculture towards sustainability?

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