english project 1

Creating the Self


Your task is to create a “visual” lesson for incoming freshmen on the importance of creating a strong sense of self in order to help them make the transition from junior high to high school and succeed in their high school career.


You are a senior who works as an aide in the guidance department, and you frequently do orientation presentations for incoming freshmen.


The target audience is a class of high school freshmen who may need a little encouragement to stand up for themselves, get involved in school activities, and just generally integrate into the high school scene.


The guidance counselor and several teachers have noticed that many incoming freshmen spend (waste) the first quarter of high school trying to “find their way” and figuring out how to fit in at the high school level. These teachers have approached you and asked you to put together a “visual” lesson that highlights some of the traits of a successful high school student.

Product and Performance


You may create a single visual presentation (i.e., a poster or a graphic), or you may create something more like a PowerPoint presentation. The parts of your presentation, however, must address the foundations of the lessons on this unit:

  • perseverance
  • being willing to get involved and be active rather than sitting on the sidelines
  • not letting others’ opinions influence you or cause you to do something that you know is not right for you
  • setting your own standards and reaching them in your own way

Standards for Success

  1. Careful completion of the Power Point Presentation
  2. Power Point Presentation Rubric
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