For your second essay, you will write about end-of-life care in two different settings. Patients who are facing death due to their illnesses or age are more than likely dealing with a lot of emotional stress and fear. It’s important to understand how you will support those patients and handle the stress of taking care of them. In at least 750 words, you are going to compare and contrast end-of-life care in a retirement home with mostly elderly patients and end-of-life care for younger patients with cancer or other terminal illnesses. Elderly patients who have lived full lives with handle death differently than younger patients who are struggling with their diagnosis. This is a stressful topic, and it may be difficult to write this essay. However, it’s important that you understand the differences between these two types of patients and the care they require. You will need at least two sources for this paper. Your sources can be articles or information on end-of-life care that you apply to your own original thoughts and ideas on this topic. Make sure that you are looking specifically at how these two different patients are similar and different when it comes to caring for them.Requirements:APA formattingcover pageno abstract requiredTimes New Roman, 12 point fontdouble-spacingreference page with two sources in APA formatting750 words at leastoriginal writing, NO PLAGIARISMsubject to late work policysubmit through Canvas, not through email or Google drive sharePreviousNext

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