Reply to this discussion (site sources if applicable)Stakeholders are an important entity in an organization’s performance and operations; A stakeholder is a person or group that is involved in or affected by a course of action (Hughes-Rease,2015). internal stakeholders are within an organization and include health care professionals, administration and others that play important roles. External stakeholders include patients, suppliers, health insurance providers and other financial organizations; they also play an important role in the organizational operations. The support of stakeholders is important in the success of the change proposal because they have a large influence on the organization, and they would help provide knowledge, skills and resources to implement the change. The way to secure their support would be to keep them informed about the proposal and the changes that would need to be made and to demonstrate to them the EBP that supports the proposal. Keeping stakeholders involved in all parts of the proposal will allow them to provide input and to generate a positive adoption of the change.

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