do the 3 discussions

1 Discussion

Choose one of the websites and question and answer the following questions:


CDC Stacks

Public Health Newswire-CDC

APHA-Public Health Newswire

Public Health News

1. Why you selected this topic/area?

2.Why is“Public Health”keeping track of such things?

3.How has epidemiology contributed in this case?

4.How might this information be relevant to you personally/professionally?

5.How does any of this tie into this week’s studies?

2 Discussion

Research and provide detailed information on five facts related to Florida public health (minimum 250 words). List all references.

3 Discussion

Describe a disease of interest that affects public health, include the prognosis, fatality rates, and person-year. If you have had a personal experience with this disease, share the effects the family experienced. Remember to include at least one reference.

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