Discussion Forum: Ethical Issues Debate Weeks 6

By Wednesday, 11:59 PT of week 6, provide a rebuttal to at least two peers.By Sunday, 11:59 PT, provide a rebuttal to at least two more videos.You should have a minimum of 4 rebuttal posts by Sunday.Rebuttal RulesIn your rebuttals, argue against the position they have taken. Provide evidence in your rebuttals- why do you oppose their viewpoint?You can choose a text or a video response. Do not create new thread. Go into a thread and respond to the video by clicking Reply.No personal attacks or name calling. Add emojis if needed.Remember that tone comes across differently online and in text.Do not use all CAPS, and remember that the person’s stance may not be their personal views.Argue the evidence, not the person.Don’t forget to respond to comments on your own videos.Review the board and reply to students that do not have rebuttals yet. It is your job to keep your peers engaged and the debate lively with rebuttals!

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