discussion at least 200 words

Discussion Topic:

Lawyers, accountants, healthcare professionals and other disciplines have a Code of Ethics that govern their actions and behaviors in the workplace. Many job functions however do not. Is a corporate code of ethics satisfactory for all employees, even those who do have a discipline-based code? What should a manager who is facing an ethical dilemma and has no corporate or professional code of ethics guide do to assist in her/his decision making? Use your readings to support and defend your propositions.


From Manager’s Bookshelf

  • Reading 1: Blind Spots, Max H. Bazerman and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, summarized by Linda Hefferin 213
  • Reading 2: Authentic Leadership, Bill George, summarized by Randy Skalberg 218
  • Reading 1: Prisoners of Our Thoughts, Alex Pattakos, summarized by Gary P. Olson 225

From Helpful Resources

  • Institute for Corporate ethics, and
  • Ethical Corporation Magazine

Gould, Jay W. (1999). Ethics: a pencil case. Journal of Management History, 5(8), 506-512.

Schwab, Bernhard (June, 1996). A note on ethics and strategy: Do good ethics always make for good business? Strategic Management Journal, 17(6), 499-500.

find articles written from 2000 to 2015 and after that discuss

  • Ethical issues in corporations (this can be domestic or international or both)
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