Departmental Budget And Outline Guidelines

Part One: Proposal Outline First, you will outline your proposal for your boss to review. With the goal of submitting a proposal that will help your organization and win a $2,500 bonus, you will create a 1–3 page outline of your final project presentation that identifies the key points you will use to address critical elements of the final project, providing sufficient detail to allow your boss to provide constructive feedback on your proposal. Your outline should incorporate, where applicable, the knowledge, concepts, and principles that you have learned in Modules One through Five. Review the Proposal Outline Template to gain an idea of what your outline may look like. The notes and ideas you generate in this outline may inform the speaker notes, visuals, and text that you will include in your final project proposal presentation. To complete this part of the assignment, the following items must be addressed: I. Proposal A. Options: What various options are available for each item in your budget proposal? Provide multiple options for your supervisor or board to consider based on their needs. B. Financial Research: Describe the cost-benefit of each option based on relevant information and research. Information and research can include research on the items or vendors, organizational numbers, price quotes, and more. Be sure to provide relevant documentation in an appendix or reference slide to show the depth of your research and the various options available. C. Organizational Resources: Identify what resources would be needed to implement one of the options in your proposal D. Communication: What method of communication would be used to notify departments across the organization and what methods would be used throughout proposal implementation? Justify the appropriateness of your suggestions. Part Two: Departmental Budget Second, create your annual departmental budget per your boss’ request. As part of your capital budget proposal, you will need to apply the cost of your capital budget item, and all associated costs, to a specific department within the organization.

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