criminal jstice

. You should also post responses to TWO other students in your class; the two responses should be a minimum of 75 words each. Please be sure to provide substantive responses; it is not acceptable to state simply that you agree, or that you believe another classmate had a good initial response.

The response to question 1. should be addressed to Patrice Hall

1.The responsibility of an patrol police is keeping the public safe, protecting the community, and arresting perpetrators of criminal acts. The most commonly used patrols are community,random, and strategic patrol. The community patrol officers protect a certain part of the town, and the officer usually knows the area well. The community officer may also check the school games, block parties, and other gatherings in the community. Patrol police may do an unexpected appearance which is called a random patrol. The random patrols law enforcement weapon is to surprise criminals in the act of committing a crime. The strategic patrols are more focused on a specific area where the crime rate is high. The officers on patrol are armed at all times with access to backup if needed. According to Hearst Newspaper (2017) becoming a patrol police has pros and cons an individual can retire early and receive full benefits after 20 years on the job. The pay is descent, an officer makes around $50,000 a year. The negative is being a patrol officer is dangerous and causes psychological stress. The best local law enforcement for my town would be the community patrol. The reason being is the town is small not to much goes on and everyone knows each other very well. According to International Journal of Police Science & Management (2008), “a police officer needs to know which measures and routines usually come up in certain situations”. A community patrol officer would know the community and know actually what to do.

The response to question 2 should be addressed to Shawn McDowell.

2.A focal concern of patrol officers is orders received from the force administration and mediation of those orders within the occupational culture of patrol officers. The vast majority of the patrol officer’s time is spent not working on crime related troubles. In fact, a substantial part of the time is driving around without any specific duty or direct contact with citizens (Ericson, 1973). Police patrol is actually performed to deter criminals from breaking the law. Changes are if a potential notices an officer on patrol, he/she will think twice about committing the crime.

I am a Military Barber. Currently, I am employed at NSA Mid South Navy Command Center in Millington, Tn. On base, our patrol officers have a greater responsibility than local city officers do. These officers are the first and last person of contact you see going on or off base. They perform gate patrol which intel checking valid military id for authorized personnel to enter the base. The officers give a daily escort to the nearby bank to our Cash office associate, for safety. Our officers also perform normal walk thru’s, routine traffic stops and customer apprehension if one is breaking the law. For my local law enforcement, I recommend more traffic patrol to prevent the mishaps that some communities face on a daily basis. Random traffic patrols have been an effective way of catching criminals that have become a lil sloppy and careless in their wrongdoing. According to Officer Daniel Green, base Police agrees that random patrols have stopped several illegal operations on base in our housing sections. Definitely, I agree that traffic patrol is one proven and effective way to deter crime.

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